Campus Toto

Business and administrative district

The new headquarters of the Toto group in Chieti is designed to stand out, to be a complete and significant part of an urban district scheduled for redevelopment in the near future. It forms a sort of ideal citadel consisting of five buildings, including an existing one, and open spaces.
The project combines built architecture and landscape with the desire to define a stylistic hallmark on which to base the redevelopment of the urban design. It is organized around a pedestrian boulevard that forms its longitudinal axis, starting from Viale Abruzzo and running through the whole complex, generating a telescopic vista toward the Gran Sasso: a distinctive territorial sign of the new complex.
Around this central space, conceived as a tree-lined avenue, over the single deck of the underground parking garage, four buildings are laid out, symmetrically distributed. They have rectangular plans, are architectonically defined and converge slightly towards each other so as to accentuate the scenic aspect of the complex; this maintains a certain degree of autonomy in the different volumes, which like an outdoor theater focus the views on themselves and efface the current disorder of the surroundings.
The constitutive and constructive choice in clay brick masonry is dictated primarily by the search for a link with the traditional architecture of the Abruzzo region and Central Italy in general, characterized by Roman and Renaissance influences, but also with the aim of defining a contemporary style capable of testifying to modernity and with its own singular hallmark.

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Toto S.p.A.

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Landscape project: Studio AG&P Milano

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