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Offices and retail spaces

The project consists in the building of a portion of a city block with a system of connections and ways in which the various parts are all equal, avoiding the idea of creating places blatantly superior, and others of secondary importance, but instead creating a hierarchy of perspectives equally attractive aesthetically, and equally competitive commercially. The theme of the front and back facades is therefore reinterpreted in the creation of scenarios and environments in great architectural synergy.
The open spaces, the covered spaces and the buildings are made up of flexible forms giving the possibility of ample enjoyment and adaptability over time, and which, designed with the correct building modules, present office buildings with an open space system, easy to control visually. The project is made up of three bodies, of which two are dominant compared to the complex, joined also by covered paths.
A main 5-story body (ground floor plus 4 floors) making reference to Giovanni da Udine street, is next to the existing building on Viale Certosa forming a corner where the main entrance to the complex is planned, and goes gradually backward from the street line opening the perspective of the avenue where the two streets cross.
A second body of 6 stories (ground floor plus 5 floors) reflects/refers to Ludovico di Breme street, however is completely backward from the edge of the property (about 13,40 meters) and alone on the lot, lying almost sideways on the lot.
The third body is of smaller dimensions, is 2 stories high and connects the first two along the north side in such a way as to hide the service road with access ramps to the parking area and underground storage rooms.
The main buildings are connected centrally on the lot, by way of a rectangular structure partially with windows and inspired by natural forms. A sort of sheet or sail which allows a protected passageway through the garden, under which is situated the reception, indicates the main entryway/entrance to the buildings by way of covered pillars in a central position.
The buildings create a harmonic and well-exposed space. The design of the garden adheres to that of the architecture which completes, with a fluid articulation of levels, materials and floorings composing a colorful carpet with a grass bottom, visible even from outside the property.
The same linear composition, blends together funtional needs with a strong scenographic imprint that expands the space and mimimizes the negative visual effects integrating technical elements such as metal grids for ventilation and drainage channels for rainwater.
The external part of the garden on Ludovico di Breme street is meant to be at the same time a requalifying element of the street and an introduction to the internal garden, amply visible through arcades which lean against the buildings.
The flooring will be many-colored, realized with continuing surfaces, easily washable, adapted to the use of service machines for the disabled, and to various hypothesized functions.

, Milan, Italy

Office & Retail

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