Villa a Tuaredda

Private house

This is a dwelling that turns into a kind of double outdoor stage set, making the most of the exceptional natural amphitheater in which it is placed. The project seeks to create a new conception of the spaces and centrality of the building by fusing house and nature in a single simple and exclusive universe.
Hence it reinvents by focusing on elements that already exist, or rather that have always been here, through completion and not contrast, using clean and linear forms that act as limits to the principal frame of reference: the limit of external space, the limit of the protected space, the limit of the Mediterranean scrub and of course the magnificent and unattainable infinite of the horizon.
The additions are designed using light elements: loggias and pergolas that shape the outdoor living spaces and extend in multiple directions, creating regular spaces, almost like backdrops with a double front on the natural setting that surrounds the house.
The first, facing towards the hilly Malfatano hinterland, is an enclosed space bounded by drystone walls; a courtyard, almost an outdoor room, shaded and embellished with an awning made up of mobile screens.
The second set, facing the sea’s horizon, is a long space covered with a loggia in which the front of the house continues at the side into a pergola, and on the opposite side into a linear pool set in the first embankment.

, Tuaredda, Italy


In collaboration with

Landscape design: Marco Bay

Technical drawings