Bertieri 4

Milan, Italy

The building grew out of an earlier edifice, of which the main structures have been preserved while the façades and the internal distribution have been completely altered by means of an increase in volume so as to add a new floor. A narrow rectangular courtyard has been inserted on the top two levels with offices facing onto it. It has been laid out as a true garden patio, which enhances the quality of the offices and endows them with a new spaciousness.
This introverted element, which constitutes the innovative feature of the building, is a natural light well complete with extensive greenery, which forms the backdrop to all the interiors. The geometric precision of the building is also heightened by the green furniture that exploits the structural steel beams while also enhancing the interior décor.
The exterior is defined by simple, almost monolithic volumes, marked by the vertical contrast between two materials that express compactness and transparency. This creates a minimalist architecture which is classical in its modernity.

A stone base in sandstone, containing the atriums and reception services, supports three operational levels containing offices faced with a glass skin, so creating a perfect curtain wall protected by external awnings and marked by horizontal overhangs, which act as brise-soleils.
The theme of the restyling of the building’s envelope was interpreted by pursuing the issues of environmental sustainability, so improving the technological specifications of the building, while translating them into a contemporary aesthetic.

Milan, Italy

Office & Retail
2007 - 2008

Edillombarda S.p.A.

In collaboration with
Landscape Project: Studio AG&P Milano Photographs: Vittorio Dozio
Technical drawings