Compagnoni 12

Apartment building

Conceived on the mittel-European model of “passing courtyards” and the classic Milanese building, located in a context related to the eclecticism of the early 1900s, Compagnoni 12 is a protected urban space characterized by a strong relationship between vegetation and buildings that recreates a high quality private residential habitat.

The intervention concerns the construction of a new complex of buildings which, completing the curtain road of Via Compagnoni, extends inside the property lot with three buildings alternating with gardens and tree-lined courtyards giving new life to the space inside the block .

The project also includes the construction of two underground levels to be used as car park with 135 parking lots including 95 garages for residential units, plant rooms and cellars with driveway entrance from Via Compagnoni. A total of 95 apartments of various types were built, as well as one office with an independent entrance from the first internal courtyard.
The roofing of the main building will have a pitched roof while for the internal buildings will have paved roof terraces.

Given the morphology of the complex, greater importance has been given to the main public entrance from the street, entering through a large hall and reception area which introduce the pedestrian distribution path to the internal buildings through the garden system.

The regular form of the intervention lot is characterized, at all levels, by a variety of spaces open to private use that increase the uniqueness and livability of the property. All the apartments have large terraces, balconies and loggias while the internal ones on the ground floor have private gardens.

The residential complex is equipped with prestigious ancillary services (as the wellness area) for exclusive condominium use. Located on the first underground floor, the main rooms still enjoy natural light as they are arranged around the lowered patio of the first courtyard.
The large wellness area consists of a sauna-steam room, a 3.00 x 15.00 meter swimming pool and a fully equipped gym. The patio onto which the spaces overlook, equipped with large sliding windows and paved with a wooden deck, is designed as a reserved relaxation area during the summer months.

The architecture in general is composed referring in part to the characters of the completion of the building curtain in Via Compagnoni and partly to the repeated modularity conceived for the typological scheme inside the block. A public facade, rigorous and elegant, with a regular and classic layout forms the backdrop for the large private courtyard in which the architecture of the three internal buildings becomes more modern. The repetition of the volumes is enhanced by a reasoned decomposition of the system of loggias and large balconies that move the floors overlooking the gardens. The study of decorative greenery is complementary to architecture and refines the courtyard, terraces and private loggias, improving the overall landscape.

, Milan, Italy

2019 - in progress

Varallo Re

Technical drawings