Habitaria Corso Garibaldi 95

Milan, Italy

The project Habitaria Corso Garibaldi 95, a historical Milanese street, is laid out on a rectangular site that extends deep into its city block. It envisions the renovation of two old buildings which retain traces of the original convent of Sant’Anna dei Teatini and the construction of a new and larger one, set in the second courtyard towards Via di Porta Tenaglia.
On Corso Garibaldi, the arrangement of the front corner towards Largo La Foppa restores the elegance of the setback and is presented as a stone wall. The new apertures in it are partly concealed by vertical stone elements that act as a sort of filter with the architectural masses creating an enveloping effect. In the first courtyard, the vocabulary adopted is of the “creative-restoration” of the Milanese school, which takes into account equally the ancient portico, the old arcaded courtyard and also the new recovery of the attics, balancing the quality of residential space against contemporary requirements.
The new building set within the city block is both heralded and gradually screened by the courtyards and greenery. It is built in support for the adjacent buildings, leaving three sides completely free, and features linear terraces softened by greenery, rather like roof gardens.
The building’s point of attachment to the ground is completely free and forms a sort of covered square, allowing for maximum permeability of the city block and access to the nearby public park. The new tower building has a contemporary architecture, evident in the continuous balconies with fronts in lightcolored stonework surmounted by linear metal planters and the variable partition of the large floor-to-ceiling windows.

Milan, Italy

2012 - in progress

La Ducale S.p.a.

In collaboration with
Landscape Project: Studio AG&P Milano Arch. Aldo Fontana Arch. Tanja Bekjarova Light design: Ferrara Palladino e Associati photographs: Vittorio Dozio
Technical drawings