Quartiere Aler

Milan, Italy

The social housing development projected for A.L.E.R. (Azienda Lombarda Edilizia Residenziale) at Pieve Emanuele, in the hinterland south of Milan, has been developed on the pattern of the cluster.

This is a group of buildings composed to form a single varied space, with the aim of creating a place which will configure a “citadel” of high- and lowrise buildings, which can be traversed both physically and with the gaze and be capable of enriching the landscape.
The vertical volumes are composed together with lower buildings to form eight L-shaped organisms mirrored in pairs by four inner courtyards: true open spaces of good quality housing, protected and viable, dominated by greenery.
On the ground levels the buildings are all traversable and have a close relation to their green spaces in an open system that also connects with the large public park envisaged in the Plan.

Particular sustainable care has also been given to the constructional and technological solutions, such as the green roofs of the linear buildings, the photovoltaic systems on the tower buildings and extensive use of prefabrication to contain costs and reduce completion time.
The simple and contemporary architecture, consistent with the linearity of the buildings designed, is inflected by a number of windows, while the loggias, protected by parapets with metal structures and characterized by shade panels staggered from floor to floor, make the principal volume more dynamic.

Milan, Italy

Master Planning

Infrastrutture Lombarde S.p.A.

In collaboration with
Landscape Project: Studio AG&P Milano
Technical drawings