Santa Maria alla Porta 7

Private house

This small but representative Milanese building fills an urban void, extending in depth on its
original Gothic lot and with its main front set in direct relation to the Renaissance church of Santa Maria alla Porta designed by Francesco Maria Richini. The various floors, connected vertically by a single staircase, are designed in keeping with residential typologies that optimize the longitudinal section of the lot with terraces progressively set back and large windows that create a visual relation with the church and the public spaces of the archaeological site of Via Gorani and Via Brisa.
The façade on the public street reflects the continuity of the plinth and cornice of the adjacent buildings in the street curtain. It seeks to create a dialogue with Milan’s classical modernism through a measured and discreet composition that favors traditional materials such as Veseglie stone and plaster coating in soft shades. In the internal atrium-courtyard, by contrast, contemporary architecture develops freely with the use of new materials such as cor-ten steel in the sliding brise-soleils, which protect the large windows. They are designed with the natural motif of the outline of a tree which creates striking effects of light and shade when the light is filtered through the fissures.

The architecture responds to the setting but also embodies contemporary elements, seeking a synthesis between past and present, clearly represented in the basement of the building where the project measures itself with the remains of the Roman walls found during work on its foundations.

, Milan, Italy

2006 - 2011

In collaboration with

Interior design: Antonella Tesei

Photographs: Pietro Savorelli

Technical drawings