Sanzio 15

Apartment building

The design for the new residential building consists of two edifices: the main building, overlooking Via Sanzio, and a smaller volume which develops longitudinally in the inner courtyard.
The reconstruction of the principal building includes a different composition of the internal and external fronts with the aim of redefining the canons of perspective of the home units.
In particular, within the block the building has large private terraces that define a distinctive ambiance screened and enhanced by greenery. A specific area of the long courtyard comprises three independent units laid out on two floors, each with its own private garden.
The street façade consists of a plinth at grade. It is made of natural stone in continuity with the front along the city block and marked by the composition of the upper part with linear balconies, its height reprising the line of the eaves of the adjacent nineteenth-century building.
The apertures for the condominium staircase, centrally placed in relation to the façade, were faced with panels etched with a naturalistic pattern. A metal frame was added to them externally for the vegetation to twine itself around.
The urban screen on the public front retains the characteristics of civil architecture which are also reflected, albeit in simplified form, on the blind side towards the school.

, Milan, Italy

2011 - 2016

Case Moderne S.r.l.

In collaboration with

Landscape Project: Studio AG&P Milano

Photographs: Vittorio Dozio

Technical drawings