SEI Via Mantegna

Apartment building

This project consists in the transformation into residential use of a factory built in the first years of the 1900’s made up of to two connecting buildings and unified. The first, a noble building facing via Mantegna, is three floors building in Liberty style. The second, esthetically less characteristic and more industrial, has a regular repeating structure and window frames, and develops lengthwise on the property.
The restructuring, thanks to the lowering of the foundation on the ground floor and, taking advantage of the noteworthy height of the existing floors, foresees the creation of two new floors, while a parking lot will be created in the basement for the residents.
Different types of apartments were realized according to the needs of the owner, and market trends: 2 room apartments eventually joinable, 3 or 4 room apartments and also particular town-houses on 2 floors with a private garden. Where the distance from the borders permits, balconies serving the apartments were planned.
In the requalification of the building also some green areas were planned to soften the inner courtyard along the side bordering the school.
From an architectural point of view the project means to respect the existing building, in strict rapport with the existing elements, to promote a value of continuity and to respect the identifying characteristics of the zone. In the project, the bodies of the factory maintain a general homogeneity of material, where there is little difference between the building on the street and the building inside the property; more generally, they use the same the same materials on the front of the building (plaster, grey opaque stone, decorative cement), furthermore, the form of the metal windows is recovered and the pilaster-strips of the interior front of the building are maintained with relative stringcourse cornices division between the floors and original cornices.
The presence of new terraces that face the private courtyard allow to adapt the image of the building to residential use maintaining however a uniform aesthetic in which is also implied a certain green presence.

, Milan, Italy

2015 - in progress

SEI Via Mantegna S.r.l.

In collaboration with

Landscape Project: Studio AG&P Milano

Technical drawings