SEW Eurodrive Italia

Solaro, Italy

The aim of the project is to renovate the head office of SEW-EURODRIVE ITALIA in accordance with the identity and recognisability of the company, using the distinctive traits of the brand and, at the same time, presenting an innovative image connected with its high-tech industrial production and world-renowned reliability.

First and foremost, the ambition of the project is to go beyond the idea of simply creating a new facade for the industrial building. Rather a sophisticated procedure that merges function, technique, rationality and invention. The simple invention of a new body that resembles a gear, or a series of gears, and which drives the transformation of the building and emphasises SEW’s modern business approach.
A symbol of movement and translation that also involves the existing part of the building and the area that surrounds it. A form modified by engineering to create an original piece of architecture. Simple in design development and balanced in terms of construction.
The circular design of the new building makes the system of relations between the departments more compact and fits with the linear design imposed by the existing body: a distribution that doubles back on itself, involving users and visitors in the central part while maintaining the privacy of other areas.
To modernise the head office, the new body was designed with a particular structure and form. A functional but highly recognisable building for its construction details and the almost mechanical circular design of the envelope; shaped in part by a skin of metal staves that act as brise-soleils and give an appearance of continuity and lightness that juxtaposes with the imposing main building.
The two parts of the building were connected via the new common entrance to the hall and offices, which stands out for its great transparency and circular staircase flanked with metal staves and dotted with display items; dynamic in its own spin, it extends almost as far as the laboratories, practically merging them with the sales area and training rooms.
The central part of the building, comprising double heights with sky light, is an exhibition and meeting area, a multi-functional place and “core” of the building, flanked by training areas, meeting rooms and recreation areas, and a canteen on the first floor.
The design of the new parts also involves the free external area with circular markings and perimeters that, respecting the existing trees, encompass the prevailing green area to create a beautifully decorated garden of soft lines: a natural landscape onto which the privileged areas of the new building, like the training rooms and canteen with terrace, look out.
The green theme involves the entire property. It acts as an element of mitigation and embellishment in the relationship with the entrances, the car parks and the recreation areas (games area and barbecue area), but also playing a technological role, acting as an important insulating element in the creation of the extensive flat green areas on the office building.

Solaro, Italy

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