Varese 10

Apartment building

This building is set on a regular lot that extends inside the block with a sole entryway from via Varese, and was originally made up of 2 factory buildings separated by an inside courtyard.
The project of restoration redefines this typology into new forms maintaining the courtyard, but completely modifying the internal volumes to adapt them to the luxurious residential characteristics requested, and enhances the property with gardens and green areas.
The architecture proposed refers to the best modern Milanese traditions of the 1900’s, in its complex aesthetic quality, rich in detail and noble materials, contrasts the rigorous elegance of the public façade with a characteristic refined spirit. A cozy spirit, almost secret for a refined dwelling, made of luminosity and transparence, of large contemporary open galleries and exclusive spaces placed progressively towards the inside of the property.
27-28 apartments with various typologies were designed, able to be joined together, arranged on 6 levels above land, plus a basement floor. Two stairways, placed in line with the courtyard, serve the building volumes and the new underground with 42 garages/storage units. Two independent offices were realized on the ground floor on Via Varese.
Given the exclusivity of the building, great importance has been given to the entryway with reception desk, the large entrance hall, and to the common areas for exclusive use of the spa with pool and gym in the basement, realized with natural light.
The regular form of the lot is characterized not only by the courtyard, but by a variety of private open spaces on all levels which increase the uniqueness and livable quality of the building. All the apartments have ample terraces, and on the roof, even solar roofs designed as hanging gardens with pergolas and private pools were created.
The treatment of decorative green to complement the architecture and soften the courtyard, the gardens and the private lodges greatly enhances the overall landscape.

, Milan, Italy

2017 - in progress

In collaboration with

Landscape Project: Studio AG&P Milano

Technical drawings