Varese 19

Apartment building

The building consists of two main doublefronted edifices laid out around a rectangular courtyard. It develops inside the city block with a series of terraces adapted to the lot, progressively reducing the levels of the lateral bodies on the courtyard and so defining a private green area.
The roof of the apartments on the top level is also characterized by the presence of gardens, conservatories and swimming pools.
The interior of the courtyard on the ground floor contains common and fitness spaces with a gym and swimming pool for the exclusive use of residents.
In architecture and materials, the project measures itself in serene and minimalist terms with the adjacent buildings and forms close ties with the constructional elements of the Milanese tradition.
The principal front on Via Varese is aligned with the adjacent fronts and consists of a stone plinth, which repeats that of the neighboring nineteenth-century building. It continues in height with three rows of windows alternating natural stone worked on the surface with areas rendered tone on tone with soft colors. The stories are marked by slender string courses and a stone cornice that crowns the whole edifice, rising to the level of the neighboring façades. In the courtyard, the architecture is clearly defined, seeking to ensure the maximum brightness of the environments with large windows and deep loggias, again using traditional materials but with a prevalence of rendered surfaces. The design of the greenery complements the architectural spaces and seeks to create private areas of quiet and quality with an unexpected closeness to nature in the heart of Milan.

, Milan, Italy

2010 - 2017

Porta Tenaglia S.r.l.

In collaboration with

Landscape Project: Studio AG&P Milano


Technical drawings